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Big Dog Motorcycles Australia
Big Dog Motorcycles Australia
Based in Wichita, Kansas, Big Dog Motorcycles began going after Harley-Davidson’s high-end market in 1994, making customised bikes on a production line and developing an admiring fan base with its well-made and always handsome bikes. Having built over 20,000 motorcycles during its 17 years of being in business the company built up a large portfolio of models, and in keeping with the company name all Big Dog’s are named after our four legged friends which included the Pitbull, Mastiff, Wolf, Bulldog, Coyote, Ridegback and K9.
Big Dog used nothing but the best components when building their bikes, engines were supplied by S&S, transmissions by Baker and brakes by PM. Unlike many other custom bike builders, Big Dog manufactured many of its components “in house”, items such as the billet wheels, forward controls, fender struts and hand controls were all proprietary to Big Dog. Custom-outfitted each machine is built according to the customer’s desires, offering a rainbow of colour options and graphic packages.

Despite the high levels of quality that each Big Dog represented the US economy never fully recovered from the GFC and sadly Big Dog’s sales continued to slide to a point where the company was forced to close its doors early in 2011, just one of many specialty motorcycle builders that could not survive the recession.

Fortunately here at Dream Machines the Big Dog legacy lives on, as one of Australia largest custom motorcycle importer Dream Machines importing these beasts on a regular basis, and with parts supplies plentiful you can rest assure that your Big Dog will provide you many years of enjoyment.  

So forget wasting thousands of dollars on building your own custom bike or modifying your Harley, with a Big Dog everything that you desire is standard, so what are you waiting for, contact Parkline Motors today and let us help you to jump on board a Big Dog Australia.