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Welcome to Dream Machines
Dream Machines was established with the main goal to supply imported American and prestige vehicles not readily available in Australia.

Our main focus was initially to supply classic and muscle car vehicles that were manufactured in the U.S.A, namely Cadillac, Lincoln, Corvette Mustangs Camaros etc, however after some time in dealing with these cars our focus expanded to European UK vehicles which we have regular dealings with, including Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche and B.M.W Ferrari Lamborghini Aston Martin.

Included in our range of inventory are American ironhorse Motorcycles. We sell a range of models including the Ironhorse Slammer, Tejas, Outlaw, Bandera, Chopper and legend.

We also specialize in BigDog Motorcycles like the Mastiff and the Bigdog Wolf.

Dream Machines is also an Automotive Workshop which enables us to import and plate Used Vehicles that qualify to be imported under the Federal Governments Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme. We can help import your car. Feel free to browse through our website.